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A Passion is Born

Citrus Park Cyclery was founded in 2011 by the father and son duo, Andy & AJ Baxter. In 1985, while living in upstate New York, Andy, the father, fell in love with cycling. He rode countless miles during the warm weather, completed many organized rides and centuries. During the winter, he rode a trainer and in his spare time, he built bikes and wheels.

AJ, the son, followed suit, sharing his father's love for riding and watching the Tour de France. Now, with more than twenty years of experience as a physical therapist, AJ encourages people daily to get off the couch and exercise. Walking and cycling are both great ways for families to exercise and spend quality time together, especially here in Florida where it can be done year round. Of course, cycling is AJ's first choice and his true passion for cycling shows when you talk to him about any form of cycling, especially road riding. He says, “For me, it’s very therapeutic. You get away from day-to-day craziness, get out and relax and feel the breeze on your face.”

The Dream Becomes Reality

After moving to Tampa, AJ and Andy continued to pursue their passion, riding together all over the Tampa Bay Area. Andy soon realized retirement was nice and riding four days a week was fun, but the bike shop itch kept calling him. Owning a bike shop was a dream he and AJ always shared and was the topic of discussion during many rides. With the encouragement of friends and family, they decided to open Citrus Park Cyclery. Now, the dream is a reality, providing outstanding customer service, a unique selection of bikes and accessories, a strong sense of community, and expert repairs. Since Andy's passing in 2013, AJ has kept the dream alive and growing, moving the shop to it's own free-standing building located on the Upper Tampa Bay Trail.

Extraordinary Products, Customer Service & Repairs

AJ focuses on offering an extraordinary line of bikes, clothing, accessories and nutrition different from the average bikes shops in Tampa Bay. We have a wide selection of bikes to suit every rider, including kids, cruisers, hybrids and full carbon race bikes. We listen carefully and we are here to help you find your ideal bike.

CPC is also a full service bicycle repair shop. All brands & models are welcome. From basic flat repair to custom builds, we provide expert service at the best prices.

For all types of riders looking to be comfortable and efficient on the bike, we offer personalized Bike Fit sessions performed by a Retul certified Fit coach from Aeropro Coaching and Performance. He is knowledgeable in both body and bicycling issues such as equipment and geometry. The Bike Fit process includes adjustment of the bike to fit your body and finding ways, including exercises, for the body to best adapt to the activity of bicycling.

The Citrus Park Cyclery Community

More than just a bike shop, we have built a strong sense of community along with a great casual atmosphere where everyone can come and hang out for a few minutes or a few hours. A passion for cycling is also shared through chaity rides, special shop events and weekly group rides followed by refreshments and camaraderie back at the shop. “We’ve made quite a few friends that way,” AJ said. “We pride ourselves on friendliness.”

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Andy & A.J. Baxter, avid cyclists, founded Citrus Park Cyclery in Tampa

Andy & A.J. Baxter, avid cyclists, founded Citrus Park Cyclery in Tampa