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Why Purchase From Citrus Park Cyclery
Rather Than a Department Store?

• We ask the right questions
• We listen to you and what you want
• We are trained professionals trained directly by our vendors to deliver you a quality product
• We are a full service bicycle shop

Advantages Citrus Park Cyclery Mass-Merchants /
Department Stores
Bike Comfort
and Fit
People come in all sizes and need the expert fit only bike professionals can provide. We ensure that your bike is the right size and adjusted properly just for you. Test rides and follow-up adjustments are also available. The result is easy, efficient and safe cycling and more fun! Mass-merchant bicycles come in few sizes forcing you to compromise on the fit. These stores also do not have experienced staff who understand how to measure you or how to adjust the bike to fit you. Plus, they don’t offer test rides and don’t do follow-up adjustments. The result is an uncomfortable, inefficient ride.
Selection Citrus Park Cyclery has a wide selection of bicycle models, sizes, styles and colors. Our expert staff will coach you through the process of finding the best bike for you. Selection is usually very limited and staff expertise is either limited  or non-existent.
Safety Bicycles come in boxes and need to be assembled carefully and properly to be safe, work properly and hold up. Our bikes are assembled in-store by experienced mechanics. Each is test ridden to ensure proper function and safety. They are then carefully fit to you at the time of purchase. Test rides, tune-ups and instructions assure safe and great rides. Some mass-merchants sell unassembled bikes meaning you have to do it yourself. Yes, it's "only" a bicycle, but it still requires significant know-how to build it right. Plus, no test rides, tune-ups or safety tests are available. Many buyers eventually bring these bikes to bike shops to be properly assembled or adjusted.
Value After
The Sale
Citrus Park Cyclery has an experienced staff available to provide post-sale service and adjustments, usually for free or at low cost. They want to satisfy your needs and help you fully enjoy cycling! After buying a bike from a mass-merchant, you have little or no help if problems occur or if you just want help to enjoy your bicycle more.
Accessories We offer a wide selection of quality cycling accessories, helmets and clothing in many models, colors and sizes. Our staff will help you  find the right accessories and gear for your bike based on how and where you ride. Usually a limited or poor selection of accessories is available, with little or no help to choose the right ones. Often, these are cheap, knockoff products which can create safety and reliability issues.
Warranty The bicycles we sell are backed by full warranties and most problems are resolved in-house. Our experienced mechanics and riding experts stand behind our bikes and products. Products sold here have manufacturer warranties only, making it impossible or cumbersome to get a repair or adjustment. They may let you return the bike for a refund.
Community Citrus Park Cyclery is a central source for more than just great bicycles accessories and apparel. We help you find great rides, the latest cycling info and serve as advocates for better bike paths and facilities in our area, too! We encourage you to shop at locally owned stores to support the local economy They mainly just sell stuff.
Expertise We have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff of cyclists with detailed knowledge in the field. Their only job is satisfying your cycling needs, and they love doing it! They mainly just sell stuff.
     Updated 04/20/2017