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Citrus Park Cyclery carries a wide variety of Hincapie clothing, including jerseys, shorts and bibs for cyclist in the Tampa area

In addition to manufacturing custom clothing for teams and riders in the world, we have created an extensive line of men’s and women’s premium retail apparel that is available through bicycle dealers. Through our meticulous attention to detail and the use of innovative construction techniques and fabrics technologies, we have developed a reputation for making some of the best cycling apparel in the world. As a result, you can be confident that Hincapie products will help you maximize your performance in comfort and style.



Citrus Park Cyclery carries a wide variety of Hincapie clothing, including jerseys, shorts and bibs for cyclist in the Tampa area

After thirty years at the highest level in production of sportive clothes for cyclists, we decided to offer fans a new brand, that will be a revolution: ALÉ. At the foundations of ALÉ there is our obsessive Italian craftsmanship, together with the constant innovation in the production process, in materials and in design, to ensure functionality, comfort and the best of performance; at the foundations there is our company made by more than 100 men and women that put in their work professionalism and passion; at the foundations there are the feedbacks received by the greatest champions of cycling but also by amateurs.

So, after having developed hundreds of products and having worked for the most prestigious international brands, we decided to launch the “definitive” brand, which makes a strong know- how without comparison.

So ALÉ is the true “100% MADE IN ITALY” because it has been conceived as idea, changed into a brand and after into a production chain to become a full line of products without real comparisons, all inside the company of Verona; to satisfy the cyclists of all the world.




Citrus Park Cyclery carries a wide variety of Louis Garneau clothing, including jerseys, shorts and bib


The Real Italian Bikewear – Direct from Brembate(BG) Italy

Since 1979 making sportswear apparel following our Italian traditions. Highest Quality
Targeted solutions for shops, teams, cycling groups, events.
We are now active in the North America market for the 100% Customizable Cycling Sportswear entirely made and Handcrafted in Italy Since 1979.

We believe that using Top range materials joint with unbeatable design, help people to wear in every season and climate condition the best and fancy clothing they can ever wear, and give them the sense of affiliation that they need.



Citrus Park Cyclery carries a wide variety of Rosti clothing, including jerseys, shorts and bib

Swiftwick socks were born, tested and forged in cycling, one of the most demanding endurance sports, where equipment is expensive and a cheap sock is unacceptable, period. The FOUR enjoys a cult following in all materials and styles, and individualism, style and color are a premium - custom VISION line Swiftwicks are highly coveted collector items.



   Updated 04/20/2017